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Spoken English

Excel in core skills: Reading, Speaking and Writing

This course will help you in improving your core skills which is reading, speaking and writing. We believe that individual should excel in both reading and writing skills along with good speaking skill. In real life situation an individual come across various instances where he/she needs to read any communication or message in English and understand the meaning of the same perfectly. While learning reading skill, the individual will not only able to read with correct pronunciation but also understand the meaning of same. Under speaking skill section, individual will be able to speak English fluently like second language and at the same time they will come out of the fear of not being able to speak good English. Along with reading and speaking, it is also necessary to be in good in writing English. For instance, when an individual is working in an organisation, then he/she needs to draft e-mail for sub-ordinate or seniors, which requires good writing skills. Thus, this course will help in developing core skills in English, which will help an individual to progress in life.

Focus on practical sessions as compared to theoretical

Often we are bored doing spoken English classes, as it consists of more grammatical and less practical session. In this course, we have changed the concept, and focus will be more on practical session. Because we believe that the individual will have better learning experience through practising as compared to attending regular theoretical classes. We will be practising English through different fun-filled activities, which will help individual to learn in interesting manner. It is only through practising individual will learn from their mistakes and improve accordingly.

Improvement of vocabulary

Generally, we come across this situation where we fall short of words while speaking English. This happens due to poor vocabulary. In order to solve this problem; we have come up with the module which focuses on improving vocabulary of individual. We will be learning new words with their usage, so that we can use them in our conversation and also in our writing. Communicating with new words will help individual to stand apart from the crowd and make unique identity.

Modules customized in accordance to current market trend

- We have adopted evolving module, which matches the current market trend. We know that we live in dynamic world where required skill set changes rapidly, thus we have designed our course in such a way that it equips individual with communication skills which makes them stand apart from the competition. We do not follow traditional method of training and our training style along with our module is refined.

Speaking English like your native language

After the completion of the course all the hesitation to speak in English will go away and you will speak English confidently just like your native language. This course will prepare you in such a way that you can speak English at any occasion any time with perfection like your second language.