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Career Counselling & Job Corner

Welcome to the "Career Counselling & Job Corner" Course!

Are you at a crossroads in your academic or professional journey, unsure of which path to take? Do you want to embark on a fulfilling career but need guidance on how to get there? Look no further! Our comprehensive "Career Counselling & Job Corner" course is your roadmap to success.

Career Analysis for 11th & 12th Class:

For high school students, this course offers invaluable insights into discovering the most suitable career path. We provide a detailed career roadmap and an execution plan tailored to your unique strengths and interests .

Career Analysis for Graduates:

Recent graduates and those navigating the complexities of the job market will benefit from our guidance in finding the perfect career fit. We'll help you chart your career course and provide a step-by-step execution plan .

Career Analysis for Professionals:

Are you in the early or mid-stages of your career? Our professional career counselling services will give you the clarity and direction you need. Our experienced team will work with you to develop a detailed execution plan to enhance your career prospects.

Personality Assessment:

Understanding your personality is a crucial step in making informed career choices. Our behavioral assessment will provide you with valuable insights to help you make the right decisions. .

Meet our Expert Career Counsellor:
Navmita Bhattacharjee

With a background in Philosophy and extensive training, Navmita Bhattacharjee is your go-to expert for career counselling. She holds a graduate degree from Miranda House, Delhi, and a postgraduate degree from Delhi University. Navmita is a certified Career Counsellor from Career Voyage Australia, with a track record of over 2000 successful counseling sessions.

Navmita is not just an academic; she's a seasoned professional who has worked in various domains, including media production, advertisement, short films, and telefilms. Her expertise extends to soft skills, life skills, personality development, and career counseling. She is also a certified TEFL instructor from the American TESOL Institute.

As a guest speaker at various educational events and a contributor to student upliftment initiatives, Navmita brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Her passion for empowering individuals to reach their career goals is evident in her dedication to her work.

Don't miss the opportunity to benefit from Navmita Bhattacharjee's expertise and insights. Enroll in our "Career Counselling & Job Corner" course today, and let us guide you towards a brighter and more fulfilling future. Your dream career is just a click away!